Cultivator vs. Tiller – Which One to Have?

Choosing the right equipment can make a noticeable difference in the outlook of your garden. The right tool will make sure that you can effortlessly complete whatever your task is.

Cultivators and tillers are amongst the popular equipment when it comes to mixing soil for planting. What a lot of you might not know is that, although used for similar purposes, these tools are not the same thing.

So, let's get into the cultivator vs. tiller debate, so we can finally dissolve the age-old argument about cultivator vs. tiller.

This article will help you get to know what these tools are best at doing and what the main differences in them are so you can choose the perfect one for your garden.

Product Name



Earthwise TC70001

  • Works as both a tiller and a cultivator
  • Good for weed control and delicate work on flower beds
  • Not heavy and has an ergonomic grip for better handling
  • Strong enough to cut 11 inches deep into the ground
  • Battery life is not the best

Greenworks 10-Inch

  • Tilling depth is adjustable
  • Handles can be folded, and the product is easy to store
  • Very powerful tool with an 8 amp motor
  • Great for starting on a fresh or new plot
  • Can be hard to assemble


Earthwise TC70001 11 Electric Tiller/Cultivator vs. Greenworks Tiller

If you’re confused about which one will work the best for you, take a look at these comparisons to help you reach a decision.

  • Breaking up Soil

When you start working with soil, you might notice that some of them are quite stiff and hard to work with. In situations like this, you need to break apart the soil so that it can be prepared for planting.

The Greenworks tiller is made to work with firm soil to break them into smaller, more manageable pieces. With a tilling width of 10 inches, this product will surely not disappoint you.

On the other hand, the Earthwise electric tiller/cultivator serves as a two-in-one option. It is both a tiller and a cultivator. So when you need to disintegrate soil, you can use it in the tiller mode with a ravishing 11-inch wide tilling power.

  • Mixing Soil

Mixing soil is a delicate task. It needs to be done carefully so that your plant can be healthy and strong. Although mixing up two kinds of soil together might seem easy, the process is a bit complicated. You can easily over-mix your soil, which, in return, will damage the growth of your plants.

The Earthwise cultivator/tiller will be able to work with the soil gently. And the tool has adjustable levels that you can customize according to your needs. Preparing soil for mini-gardens flower beds is one of the product's specialties.

A tiller as strong as the Greenwork’s one will be too rough on the soil. This equipment has adjustable levels too, but they are still too harsh for just normal mixing and can mess up your soil.

  • Installing a New Garden Plot

With an 8 amp motor and four 8 inch forward rotating tines, the Green work tiller will shine in this job. This thing can cut deep into the ground, making sure all the soil is loosened up for planting. High power performance like this is just what you need when preparing the new hard ground for a garden.

Our first product, the Earthwise cultivator/tiller, can also be used for this job. As we’ve mentioned, the product power can be adjusted, and with the ability to also cut 8 inches deep into the ground, this unit can also be an option.

  • Breaking up Weeds and Grasses on Garden

If you're growing a garden, you'll get a visit from some weeds from time to time. Extra grasses or weeds do not harm your garden, but they do make the area look a bit clumsy.

Our first product will be tender enough to slowly remove all these extras without harming your actual plans and flowers. As the Greenwork tiller is quite a mighty powerful tool, the chances of the tool ruining your garden plants are much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about tillers and cultivators, and their role in gardening answered for you.

  1. Can I use a tiller as a cultivator?

You cannot use a tiller as a cultivator. Tillers are more powerful and more hardcore. On the other hand, cultivators are used for more delicate work like brushing out weeds and mixing soil.

  1. How does tiller work?

A tiller cuts deep into the ground to loosen up the soil. After dry weather, the soil can get quite hard and firm. Tillers can be used in situations like this to get the turf ready for gardening.

  1. How often should a cultivator be used?

Whenever you see extra grass and weed on your garden beside your beautiful plants, you can use a cultivator to extract these out. Doing this will make your planting area look cleaner and neater. Also, if you want to mix soil doe planting, a cultivator will come in handy.

  1. Can a cultivator make soil airy?

Yes, cultivators separate the soil and allow oxygen to penetrate. This provides some extra nutrients to your soil without over mixing them.

  1. Which tool to work with for mixing in fertilizers and compost to the soil?

Use a cultivator to mix fertilizers into the soil. The tool will be able to do it perfectly so that you get an even and clump-free mixture.


Final Words - Which One to Go for?

As you can see from the cultivator vs. tiller comparison guide, both the tools have a lot of differences in how they work and what they do. They have their separate role and purposes, and they cannot replace each other.

Luckily for us, there are lots of equipment available in the market today that has both of them in one product. The Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator is one of such. You get both a tiller and a cultivator in this one. So you can switch between the two whenever you need it.

Anyway, I hope his article helps you reach a conclusion to the cultivator vs. tiller debate.

Graham Spell

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