Edger vs. Weed Eater – Detailed Comparison -What the Difference?

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The very first thing people notice about your residence is the outlook of it. If your lawn is out of order, then people will surely get much less impressed, even if the inside of your house is pristine.

This is why it is quite important to keep your lawn nice and trimmed, and the first step for doing that would be to know what tools to use.

Despite having a general idea about lawnmowers, the difference between lawn edgers and weed eaters is unclear to many. And our edger vs. weed eater guide is here to clear your confusion.

Now, WORX WG160 GT 2.0 and BLACK+DECKER are two great representatives of edgers and weed eaters.

So, let us take a look at the differences between these two tools in order to get one step closer to the lawn of your dreams!

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Edger vs. Weed Eater – Key Differences

So what is an edger, and what is a weed eater? A lawn edger, as the name suggests, is a tool for creating clean edges. The edges usually separate the grass from the path to the house, driveway, or pavement.

This tool can cut through both the grass and the earth beneath, hence helping in forming straight lines between the grass and the pathway. There are two types of lawn edgers: manual and motorized.

Weed eaters are also known as string trimmers or weed whackers. They are named so as they are used to get rid of the weed, and also for trimming grass. These tools are particularly useful for removing grass where edgers can’t reach them.

Now, let us see how WORX WG160 GT 2.0 compares with BLACK+DECKER in order to better understand which one to get.

  • Pricing

The products are in the same price range. And the WORX WG160 2.0 costs around $109.55, which is a bit more expensive than the BLACK+DECKER, and is sold for about $103. The greater price for the WORX, however, is justified by its 3-in-1 functions.

  • Battery Power

The WORX WG160 2.0 is motorized. This means that it contains blades that rotate to cut the lawn, and as it is battery-powered, it is quite easy to operate as it does not require much manpower. The 20V lithium battery it comes with, however, tends to run out of charge quite easily, and requires two full hours to charge completely.

Also, the BLACK+DECKER is motorized and provides adequate power, which can cut through lawn weeds and grass that is up to medium length. This product has a battery which can last for up to an hour with low to medium levels of power usage, and about 10-15 minutes at high power.

  • Functionality and Ease of Use

The WORX WG160 2.0 has 3-in-1 functionality. It can act as an edger, trimmer, and mini-mower! The amazing thing is, the height can also be adjusted within a few seconds, making it very user-friendly for people of different heights.

This product also contains wheels in two positions, making it very easy to edge, trim and mow with, and even easier on the back! Additionally, they also help in smooth trimming and mowing. The string, which is used for trimming, may also break off from time to time.

All-in-all, this is a great product that can be used for edging, trimming, and mowing all-in-one! The BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer/Edger is a 2-in-1 trimmer and edger. It provides adequate power that can cut through lawn weeds and grass that is up to medium length.

And it is a great unit for making cuts with precision, and hence can be excellent for usage around flowers, vegetable patches, and trees that are small. The lightness of the product makes it very convenient to use, and the availability of extra string spools for replacement adds to that factor as well, especially since they run out quite easily.

Moreover, this product is also quite convenient to convert from a trimmer to an edger just by turning the shaft. If you live in an urban or suburban area, then the BLACK+DECKER is a great choice.


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Edger Weed Eater
3-in-1 edger/trimmer/mini-mower Lightweight, so easy to use
Easy to convert from one form to another Better battery life
Lightweight Easy to convert from edger to trimmer and vice versa
Can be comfortably used by people of different heights Easily available string spools for replacement
Easy to use Great for trimming around small areas



Edger Weed Eater
Battery life is not so great  String spools run out fast
Needs a long time to charge fully  Battery lasts only 10-15 minutes at high power
Trimming string may break off occasionally


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the debate between edger vs. weed eater:

  1. Is it better to stick with only trimmers or edgers, or multi-purpose products?

Multi-purpose tools are great if you are looking for a convenient way to take care of your lawn in general. If you need a tool for a specific purpose only, such as a trimmer, then single-purpose tools are enough.

  1. Should I take any precautions while using the products?

Yes, it is important to wear protective gloves while using the products, as they can get quite heated up due to the high power used.

  1. Can beginners use these products?

Yes, these are great for people of any skill level as they are easy to use.

  1. Can these be used for gardening?

Yes, these can be used for tending to the grass and any other unwanted growth in gardening.

  1. Are the batteries in these products replaceable?

Yes, they can be replaced if necessary.

  1. How often should I charge?

Charging should be done as required. Tending to a lawn requires different amounts of power for different purposes. For example, trimming and edging longer and thicker weeds will require more power, so it is advised to charge the battery fully before doing heavier tasks.


Final Words – Which One to Get?

Even though both the products are very useful, it is important to understand your particular needs in order to decide which one to get.

The WORX WG160 GT 2.0 is the one to choose if you are looking for a tool that can get edging, trimming, and mini-mowing done.

If you only require edging and trimming, then you can save a few bucks by getting the BLACK+DECKER.

Whichever one you decide to get, you will not be disappointed!

And don’t forget to tell us how much you liked our edger vs. weed eater comparison!

Graham Spell

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