Best Garden Hose Reel [Top 10 Picks]

Working on your garden or lawn is an excellent way to spend the time that also gives relaxation.

However, putting everything back when you are done is surely something you don’t like that much, especially talking about the garden hose.  It makes the entire garden look like a mess, and also it’s a hassle when it comes to unwinding.

One of the useful tools for gardening is the hose reel. The best garden hose reel can maintain the hose very well while making it less of a hassle for you to store it. If you are interested in watering a garden or lawn in a more organized way, here are tops 10 hose reels to get your one from.

Our Top Choices

Best Overall


Strongway Perpendicular Wall-Mount 

Best Heavy Duty Reel


Strongway Garden Hose Reel Cart

Budget Pick


Giraffe Hose Reel

Things to Consider before Buying a Garden Hose Reel


Here are some key features that you must look in a garden hose reel.

Type : There are lots of different types of hose reel you will find on amazon. If mobility is your concern, look for a hose reel cart. If that’s not the case, a wall-mounted one will be enough for basic garden watering requirements.

Also, the hideaway reel keeps and protects the hose inside a casing. Some reels can automatically rewind the hose. Retractable reels suit best for long hose and large gardens.

Hose Length : Different hose reels have different hose holding capacity. If your garden size is small to medium, you will be good with a reel that offers medium hose length. However, if it’s for a large garden or property, go for the one with higher hose length.

Durability: Most durable hose reels have steel or aluminum construction. These are pretty much basic and ones that last for years. If you require a larger hose, getting a steel constructed reel is recommended.

However, other materials such as plastic last less; but, they come with lots of useful features for gardening. They do a decent job when it’s about watering a small to medium garden.

The 10 hose reels we tested


Build Materials

Fitting/Leak Test


Strongway Perpendicular



Strongway Garden Hose Reel Cart



Giraffe Hose Reel



Liberty Garden 704



Ames Estate 4-Wheel



RL Flo-Master 65HR8



Suncast Resin



Liberty Garden



Suncast 175 ft. Hosemobile



Suncast Powerwind



There are hose reels available in the market of various types and forms. Each one provides many useful services. Depending on your preference, wisely select the right one for your garden.


The very first product on our list is well-known among professional gardeners for its superior durability and ease of use.

If you are looking for a simple, yet well-functioned and durable hose reel, this wall-mounted hose reel has many things to offer.

What we Like :

  • Capacity up to 150 ft.
  • Very durable construction and attractive design.
  • Includes 6 ft long inlet rubber hose.
  • Mountable to a wall or can be placed on the ground.
  • Powder coated for durability.
  • Parallel and perpendicular alignment.
  • Very easy to use.

What we don't Like :

  • Expensive.
  • Manual operation.

Let’s talk about its construction first. The reel is made of durable steel frame and it got an attractive bronze-colored die-cast, which is great. You can set the reel parallel or perpendicularly to any wall in both the right and left-hand operation for convenience.

Most other hoses of this type don’t last long. Also, its design is pretty much unmatched and very convenient to use. If you get this one, you probably don’t need to look for a replacement within a decade, unless you want to use a more advanced hose reel.

It has enough space to hold a hose up to 150 ft of 5/8-inches or 100 ft of ¾-inches, depending on the hose type and style. That means the reel will be enough if you are looking for one for your yard, farm, park, or shop. The reel will take much hassle off your shoulder when it’s about rolling the hose back together.

Luckily, the reel comes with a 6 ft long rubber inlet hose. And of course, you will get necessary mounting hardware as well as crush-proof brass fittings. Installing the reel is very easy. There is an installation guide inside the package, which will guide you to mount it to the wall near your garden or lawn.

Although it’s more of a basic hose reel, the service it offers with such a durable construction is truly unmatched comparing other products.


Say hello to the elder brother of the previously reviewed hose reel. Strongway kept the same design in this model but made some beneficial improvements that will surely make gardening and lawing easier and convenient. If durability and portability are your concern, it would be worth investing in such a reel.

What we Like :

  • Great durability, mobility.
  • Top-quality accessories.
  • Comes with polyurethane inlet hose.
  • Stable and comfortable to use
  • Heavy-duty brass swivel

What we don't Like :

  • No hose guide for rewinding.

It can hold up to 150 ft of 5/8-inches hose without putting much pressure. The brass swivel has got an upgrade as well. This one is even heavier and more durable.

The major upgrade is the new rugged frame and wheelbase. That means, there will be no limitation of moving; nothing will hold you back when you keep on walking holding the hose. The handles got a nice and comfortable grip on them so that your hands don’t hurt regardless of the weight.

It’s innovative braking system will not allow the reel to move and keep the entire reel stable and steady. You can elevate this thing to a comfortable position as per your requirement.

There will be no leak, rust, no issue with the break whatsoever even if you use it for 10 years. Its great portability adds even more value to this durable creation of Strongway. If your garden, yard, or farm is quite big, you will not face any issue regarding mobility.

The 3rd product on our list has a very attractive design and offers great features that make gardening and lawing even fun. If an automatic and advanced hose reel is what you are looking for, take a closer look at what this one has to offer.

What we Like :

  • Great durability, mobility.
  • Premium quality bracket and hardware.
  • 9 Adjustable Spray Modes 
  • 84 ft high-quality main hose & 6 ft Leader Hose.
  • Smooth pull-out and rewind.
  • Self-locking.
  • UV stabilized casing.

What we don't Like :

  • Trouble is when the hose doesn’t get inside the casing.

This automatic hose reel provides you a complete watering solution that also includes convenient pull-out and rewind function. You can say good-bye to the tangled and kinked hose.

With its 84 ft of 6ft reinforced hose and top-grade brass thread end, your watering experience will go to the next level. The reel features a premium metal gun with 9 spraying function that comes really handy in various watering conditions, which I find the most exciting feature above all.

Its self-locking feature secures the hose at any length. Furthermore, the integrated carry handles make the reel very convenient to carry around the garden. You can get an additional bracket if you find it necessary.

And the reel system includes a 180-degree swivel wall bracket along with the necessary hardware set to install it. I find the durability of both the bracket and hardware is very much up to the mark.

If you are worried about UV rays, the casing is a UV-stabilized one. Also, the stainless steel hardware, sturdy nylon connectors, as well as top quality hose, make it a high quality and durable hose reel.

Whether you previously used any reel or it’s the very first time, the reel will take your gardening experience to a whole new level.


What we Like :

  • Aluminum construction.
  • 125 ft. of 5/8-inches capacity.
  • Storage tray.
  • Decorative construction.
  • Smooth pull-out and rewind.
  • Brass and galvanized fixtures.

What we don't Like :

  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware.

Constructed with non-rust cast aluminum with durable powder coat finish, this one is a very sturdy reel, I must say. The brass and plumbing fixtures are also made of aluminum cast. You don’t have to worry about the weather. No matter how harsh the weather gets, the reel will not lose its beauty.

The reel offers a hose capacity of 125ft, which is more than most standard reels within the price range. When you are done watering your garden, the hose comes fully assembled as soon as you rewind it for storage.

There is a dedicated shelf for keeping most frequently used gardening tools and items, which every gardener will find very convincing. You will get a 5 ft leader hose with the package.

By getting the hose reel, not only your gardening will become easier and fun, but also it will add more to the beautification of the garden and wall as well.


A 4-wheel steel wagon hose reel from Ames comes no 5th on our list. It has the capacity of holding 400 ft of 5/8 hose effortlessly, which is the longest one so far on the list. Also, the durability and portability are worth-mentioning features of this product.

What we Like :

  • Holds up to 400 ft of 5/8-inches.
  • Sturdy all-steel construction.
  • Great mobility.
  • Easy to use.

What we don't Like :

  • Not rust-resistant.

No matter how long your garden hose is, you can rely on this reel for the hose management. By no means, it will let the garden look messy and make it hard for you to water.

One of the top features of this reel is, it comes with 4-wheels, which is even useful when it comes to walking around your property and watering the grass and lawn. This is a huge plus point as most conventional hose reels on amazon don’t offer such a level of portability.

As far as the durability is concerned, it’s not like the conventional ones. All-steel sturdy construction makes it one of the most durable reels on our list. You can use it without worrying about the durability for years, even more than your expectations.

There are four tube tires attached to the wheels, which makes mobility very easy. You don’t have to face any issue with its stability whatsoever.

The handles are also comfortable to hold for a long time. The reel offers great portability as well as durability with huge hose capacity and simple function.

If these three things meet your requirements, surely, it will be a good investment for nurturing your property.

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

This is another automatic hose reel on the list. RL Flomaster offers great features and benefits with a much lower price tag. For those who are looking for a budget automatic hose reel, this one might be the perfect one for you.

What we Like :

  • 8-pattern nozzle
  • Removable hose reel unit
  • Retractable hose prevents overlapping
  • Versatile 180-degree swivel

What we don't Like :

  • Conventional plastic quality material

The reel offers a retractable spring-loaded hose with a stopper function. It works slowly for convenience as most of the retractable ones work in the same way.

You can easily pull off the hose and water your garden or lawn with much comfort. Its 8 spraying pattern nozzle makes watering even more convenient and effective in various conditions.

When you are done, and it’s time to retract the hose, the reel makes sure there is no overlapping whatsoever.

Also, the mounting brackets fit a 180-degree swivel. You will get all mounting hardware with the package.

It’s not weather-proof. But that doesn’t mean you should worry about getting it damaged or rusted. You can easily remove the entire unit from the bracket and carry it holding the handle when the weather isn’t favorable. So, even though this budget-friendly reel isn’t weather-proof, its removable feature makes up for it.

As most automatic reels, this one comes with a 65 ft of 5/8-inches hose. The manufacturer was kind enough to include a threaded brass with it.

It basically offers pretty much everything that an expensive automatic hose reel has. Considering the price and features, this can be a wise budget option to think about.

Suncast Resin Swivel Hose Hideaway with Hose Guide

We introduce you to a different type of hose reel at #7. Actually, it’s not a reel; it’s a hose hideaway that keeps the hose inside its case. If showing off the tube isn’t your thing and you want a more organized way of doing that, this hideaway can be the right choice for you.

What we Like :

  • Concealing designs protects the hose.
  • Kink-free winding and unwinding.
  • Tight seal.
  • 360-degree multidirectional swivel base.

What we don't Like :

  • Not great for high-quality hose.

The construction of the hideaway feels quite durable. No matter how the weather is, its design ensures that the hose reel inside the case will last for years and outstand throughout the seasons. There are a variety of styles that you can choose from depending on how the design suits your space.

As the design conceals the hose, it also protects the hose from UV rays that causes damage in most cases.

When it comes to wind and unwind the hose, even many hose reel fails to do it properly. This is something that this hose hideaway will not allow to happen. Its convincing crank handle ensures a kink-free operation without much trouble. You don’t have to put any effort into sorting the issue.

Also, the hideaway features the Easylink system to provide you a water-tight connection between the hose and the reel itself.

There will not be any leak whatsoever. Furthermore, it also features a 360-degree swiveling base that allows multidirectional reeling. The base holds the hideaway much securely to the ground.

Talking about its concealing design, hose management, price, and how well it serves the garden water purpose, we recommend the product if your hose gets damaged more than usual.


This hose reel cart is from the well-known brand Liberty Garden. The reel cart is made quite heavier for commercial and professional gardening or landscaping works.

What we Like :

  • 13-gauge durable steel construction
  • 300 ft of 5/8-inches capacity
  • 90-degree brass swivel connection with all brass fixtures
  • Non-slipping handle
  • Great mobility with 4-wheels

What we don't Like :

  • No wheel brake.
  • Cannot move around tight corners.

Reel carts are well-known for their huge capacity; it’s the same with this one as well. It can hold up to 300 ft of 5/8-inches hose effortlessly.

However, there is no hose included with the package. When it’s about any reel cart, mobility and comfortable handles are important concerns to most people.

Its 4-wheel with 8-inch pneumatic tires offer excellent mobility. The cart allows you to maneuver around your property without any trouble. And the handles are made of non-slippery material that ensures a good grip even when your hand sweats.

The frame is made of 13-gauge durable steel construction with a powder coat finish. It’s weather-resistant, so don’t be afraid of the weather.

The 90-degree brass swivel connector got galvanized fixtures on it, and it feels very sturdy as well. You will get a 5 ft leader hose with the product.

Liberty garden hose reel cart is a great product for maneuvering around the garden with even more hose capacity. Also, the durability is up to the mark considering the price.


This hose reel cart has a more attractive and innovative design than the rest of the reel carts on our list. Besides, its features, as well as functionality, might grab your attention. You can choose from two different color combinations.

What we Like :

  • 175 ft of 5/8 capacity
  • Molded plastic construction
  • 6-inches wheels with a braking system
  • Easylink connection system 

What we don't Like :

  • Lacks stability
  • Plastic construction

Your garden will no longer look messy when you have this reel cart. With a capacity of 175 ft, your garden hose will be well organized. The cart is made of molded plastic. It can easily last for seasons outside without any rust or corrosion issue.

Also, it features two 6-inch wheels for convenient mobility. Steel constructed carts sometimes feel heavy to maneuver. But, with this plastic one, you will not face any trouble. The wheels will effortlessly accompany in your watering mission.

It feels irritating when the hose connector leaks. To prevent that, Suncast hose reel features the Easylink system that ensures a water-tight connection between the reel and hose.

The braking system is a must-have thing when it comes to a hose reel cart. Many top-quality reel carts don’t have this feature.

But, fortunately, Suncast made this cart while implementing a braking system as well. It will be more convincing for you to stop when you are around the garden for watering purposes.

And the reel cart provides great value for the money. Within this price range, it’s one of the best-designed hose reel carts you can get for your garden.


What we Like :

  • 100 ft hose capacity.
  • Motor-driven hassle less rewinding.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Manual crank when the battery is down.
  • Extra storage bin for supplies.

What we don't Like :

  • Plastic construction
  • Customers report poor battery connection issue

The major selling point of this hose reel is, it’s a motor-powered machine that rewinds the hose by itself when you just push the foot pedal.

You don’t need to struggle to put everything back to the reel hideaway. Whether it’s winding or rewinding, it makes the task more convenient and effortless.

There is a 12-volt rechargeable battery that powers the motor. The battery will last you up to 20 uses. You will get the charger along with the package, as well.

Even if the battery dies, you have nothing to worry about rewinding the hose. There is a manual crank that works as a back-up when the battery is dead.

Using this crank, you can rewind the hose, and the Smart Trak system will ensure the hose is guided correctly to prevent kinking.

This automatic hose reel also features a storage bin for keeping small gardening accessories and supplies. If you haven’t used anything like this before, you will find it very useful.

Consider the design, benefits, and features this reel has to offer, it will surely make any garden or lawn watering stuff much easy and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding garden hose reels:

How to use a garden hose reel?

Wind the hose as you need and start watering your plants and grasses. Be sure to check whether the hose connector is tight or not; otherwise, it will leak water.

For a wall-mounted hose reel, you need first to wind the hose as you need. If you have a hose reel cart, bring it all the way close to the garden and then wind the hose to water the plants.

As far as rewinding is concerned, you need to crank to rewind the hose manually. Make sure there is no kinking. An electric one can do it all by itself when you push the pedal button.

How do you store garden hoses?

At first, you need to wind the hose on the reel by rotating the reel handle. Grip the hose with one hand and rotate the handle with the other hand to prevent kinking. If it’s a retractable hose reel, all you need is to push the retraction button, and it will start winding. There shouldn’t be any cracks or kink on the feeder hose.

How do you connect a hozelock hose?

One end of your hozelock hose will be connected to the center of the reel, which is in the back. Slide the fitting into one end of the hose and connect it to the center of the reel. Push the hose firmly to ensure it fits properly, and bring the fitting to where the hose is connected and tighten it.

Now, slide another clamping nut to the other end of the hose. Be sure to remove the fitting from the nut.

Then, push the end of the hose into the fitting. Tighten the nut with your hands to secure properly. And finally, connect the top connector on the slot. Your hozelock hose is ready to connect to the tap.

How We Wrote This Review

You will find lots of garden hose reel reviews on the internet. But our reviews are a bit different if you are to compare. Unlike most other reviews, we don’t solely write reviews concerning all the features.

We did days of research, visited almost dozens of websites to get the right image of the product. Also, real user experience does matter a lot to us. We write based on how the real users had their experience with the products.

Apart from that, we also consider the experts’ opinions regarding the products, which filters out the major advantages and drawbacks of the products.

Final Words

The best garden hose reel makes your garden or yard look neat. If you use a green-colored hose, don’t leave it on the ground for too long. As green color blends with grass easily, it might cause accidents.

Graham Spell

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