10 Best Miter Saw Stands

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Having the best miter saw is a nice tool to have in your workshop. But without the best miter saw stand to go along with it, you’d have to compromise on certain versatility. The benefits of a miter saw stand are many, and we believe you’re here because you want to get the best. Some miter saw stands are portable and give you the flexibility to mount on-site within minutes. When buying a miter saw stand, you need one that gives you maximum stability, even on uneven surfaces.

Some models of the miter saw stands are incredibly heavy, and they make the best option for large projects. On the other hand, some are lightweight and suitable for small tasks and offer maximum portability and mobility. We have included a list of the best miter saw stands currently available on the market. These miter saws were selected after considering their dimensions, weight support stand, maximum weight support, just to mention a few.
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The 10 top-rated miter saw stands – Review


1. DeWalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw



  • Wide rubber wheels
  • Adjustable infeed and outfeed roller
  • Easily adjustable mounting rails
  • Durable steel construction
  • Foldable legs

To begin this review, we would be taking a look at the DWX726 miter saw stand from DeWalt. DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade power tools like miter saws and its counterparts. DeWalt constructed this DWX726 with durable tubular steel to ensure maximum ruggedness at worksites.

As such, this excellently designed miter saw stand can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. More so, the easily adjustable mounting rails allow you to easily mount your miter saw effortlessly.

DeWalt was also thorough with the design of the adjustable infeed, and outfeed, to provide you with 8 inches of material support. And with the three-position pneumatic assisted lowering and raising of this stand, and two rubber wheels provide you with easy mobility to job sites. In general, this stand weighs only 67 pounds, and measures 32.5″H x 98″W when extended.


2. Evolution EVOMS1 Miter Saw Stand

Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1 Compact


  • Fits all Evolution miter saws
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Quick-release brackets
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy legs and durable construction

Another fantastic miter saw stand you can add to your Evolution product range is this EVOMS1 stand. Evolution is a power tool manufacturer with decades of experience under their belt.

With the Evolution EVOMS1, built with durable steel, you can expect nothing less than Evolution robust sturdiness. As such, this stand can support a maximum load of 330 pounds.

Mounting the EVOMS1 at job sites comes easy thanks to the thoughtfulness put into the designing of this stand. The legs are foldable, giving you a compact miter saw stand.

You can mount any miter saw on this stand provided it has a base mounting hole. The simple pull down or lift mounting handle makes mounting your miter saw a breeze. More so, the telescoping arm can support a workpiece up to 9.49 ft. long. And with the height-adjustable rollers, you can securely and safely adapt it into your workplace for more accurate and precise cutting. Weighing only 34 pounds, you can easily carry the EVOMS1 with one hand to any worksite.


3. Powertec MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw Stand

POWERTEC MT4000-Deluxe


  • Durable construction
  • Built-in power outlet
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick-release universally adjustable mounting brackets

For those after something extra and affordable, then this Powertec MT4000 will entice you. Equipped with heavy-duty durable tube steel for durability.

This DIY’s favorite miter saw stand can conveniently flaunt a 330-pound maximum weight capacity to support your power tools. Besides, the MT4000 comes with a universal compatible mounting bracket that fits most 10 and 12 inches miter saws from all major brands.

We love so much that this MT4000 Powertec deluxe miter saw stand comes with a built-in 110V power outlet. With this outlet, you don’t have to place this bench close to a power supply but where it feels more convenient for you. Also, the compact nature of this stand with spring-loaded locking legs allows you to quickly set up or collapse this stand without complications. Weighing only 40 pounds and comes with two 6-inch rubber wheels makes transporting this stand to job sites a breeze.


4. DeWalt DWX723 Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Non-marring feet
  • Leg lock levers
  • Universal design
  • Mounting brackets

Here is another one of DeWalt’s best miter saw stands you can check out, the DWX723 stand. This miter saw stand is constructed with durable aluminum.

Aluminum is used as a construction material for a miter saw stand because it is lightweight and durable enough to withstand heavy load. The DeWalt DWX723 miter saw stand weighs only 35 pounds, and is easily collapsible for easy transport to job sites. And its leg’s lock levers allow for easy and fast set up.

DeWalt designed this stand such that it’s mounting brackets supports any brand of miter saw. This stand can also support a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 500 pounds, making it a suitable stand for heavy-duty tasks. Thanks to the rubber non-marring feet of this tool, you can use it anywhere without scratching the floor. When mounted, this stand measures 32 inches high from the ground. With the extensible arm, you can use this unit to support up to 16 feet worth of material.


5. Bora Portamate PM-4000 Miter Saw Stand

BORA- Portamate


  • Foldable and compact
  • Easy to set-up
  • Tubular steel with powder-coating finishing
  • Allows for a quick attach saw mount

If you are after affordability, then this Bora Portamate PM-4000 miters saw stand will give you a mix of both affordability and durability. Bora Portamate has a long history of innovation and evolution since 2006.

Constructed with tubular steel, and finished with powder-coating, this stand is durable enough to stand the test of time. Rugged yet lightweight stand weighing only 30 pounds, and can support up to 500 pounds of load. The Bora Portamate PM-4000 miters saw stand comes with a 20 inches quick attach tool mounts.

The extendable arm on this stand can support long materials of up to 114 inches long. The 4 inches high fence is the right height for stopping materials. You also get a comfortable height of 36 inches when you set-up this stand. And with the snap pin folding legs, you can fold the leg for easy storage or provide you with in-use stability.


6. DeWalt DWX724 Miter Saw Stand

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Compact (DWX724)


  • Lightweight with aluminum construction
  • Universal design
  • Compact design
  • Non-marring legs
  • Leg lock levers

For all the fans of DeWalt power tools, this miter saw stand is another wonderfully crafted stand to buy in 2020. Like most DeWalt miter stands, the DWX724 stand is constructed with lightweight aluminum.

The maximum support weight of this miter saw stand is 500 pounds. Moreover, being a lightweight stand, weighing only 29.8 pounds, and due to its compact nature, transporting it wouldn’t be a stress.

The durable legs provide superior support to this stand. And with the non-marring feet on this stand you have no worries about it scratching the floor. When folded, this stand measures 44 inches wide and 8 inches high. But when extended, it measures 100 inches wide, and 32 inches high, offers you an ergonomic height to cut, and enough length to support long materials. The extension lock levers provide you with a fast and secure locking of extensions. The tool mounting brackets on this stand allows you to easily and securely mount the miter saw.


7. Makita WST06 Compact Miter Saw Stand

Makita WST06 Compact


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Side handle
  • Rubber wheels
  • Adjustable mounting brackets and feeder stop

The Makita WST06 compact miter saw stand is a portable and versatile solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Makita is a Japanese power tool manufacturer founded in 1915. Makita built this miter saw stand with durable tubular aluminum, which contributes to the extra lightweight nature of this stand.

The WST06 compact miter saw stand is durable enough to support a maximum weight load of 500 pounds. Weighing approximately 33.7 pounds, and featuring a front handle, transporting this Makita miter saw stand to job sites is effortless. And with the help of the integrated side handle, you can transport the stand with the miter saw mounted on it around job sites without dismantling.

You can also extend the WST06 feeder stop to a maximum of 100 ½ inches. The design of the mounting brackets levers allows for a broad range of miter saws to be installed on this stand. The roller feed and material stop on this miter saw stand comes in handy for increased speed and repetitive cutting. And the non-marring rubber feet of the WST06 prevents the floor from scratching.


8. ToughBuilt TB-S510 Miter Saw Stand

Universal 77 Miter Saw Stand


  • Two extending work support
  • Roller feeders with a material stop on the left and right
  • Durable steel construction material
  • 3 inches wheels for mobility on tough terrains
  • Integrated side handles for easy transporting
  • Universe design supports installing miter saws from different brands

ToughBuilt is one of the industry’s finest manufacturers of power tools since 2012. With the TB-S510, you get one of the sturdiest work stands on the market today.

Unlike most stands, it’s a bit heavier, weighing approximately 43.54 pounds because of the durable steel construction material. The TB-S510 is durably constructed to support a maximum weight load of 500 pounds. The universal design of this miter saw stand allows you to install most brands of miter saws.

Furthermore, when extended, its legs offer you an ergonomic height to cut on of up to 29 inches. Moreover, the quick release leg lock makes take-down and set-up simple. The two work supports on this stand can extend up to 77 inches, giving you enough cutting space. And with the 8.3 inches wheels, transporting this miter saw stand on rough terrains comes easy.


9. Bora Portamate PM-7000i Miter Saw Stand

Folding Miter Saw Power-Tool


  • Vise and work lamp
  • Four 100 V power outlet
  • Easy to fold and setup
  • 8 inches durable wheel
  • Extending support
  • Durable tubular steel and aluminum construction

Another one of the best miter saw stands you can check out is this Bora Portamate PM-7000i. The PM-7000i is a heavy-duty stand that comes with an array of features for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

This heavy-duty miter saw stand is built with durable tubular steel and aluminum and finished with powdered-coating. As such, this miter saw can support a maximum weight of 500 pounds. The convenience features on this miter saw includes four 100 V power outlets, vise and lamp, and support rack on front legs. You can fold and set up this unit in a few seconds.

This Bora Portamate miter saw stand can support up to 16 inches long of material. When set-up, it offers you an ergonomic height of 33 inches to give you the convenience to work with ease. The durable 8 inches wheels and compact design makes transportation so much easier.


10. Bora Portamate PM-8000 Miter Saw Stand

Bora Portamate Miter


  • Two collapsible wings
  • Two heavy-duty 10 inches wheels
  • Durable construction
  • Universal construction
  • Saw flips away

The last product we’d be looking at in this review is the heavy-duty stand from Bora Portamate. The PM-8000 is unlike other miter saw stands in this review because of the ruggedness.

It offers you an extendable workspace and solid sawing stability. The durable construction of this stand with sturdy legs can support a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. The table itself weighs 95 pounds without the miter saw. The universal construction of this miter saw stand allows you to mount any brand of miter saw on it.

There’s a ¾ inches dog hole for the peg to help hold your miter saw in place. The real magic of this saw is with the collapsible wings. You can adjust this 30 inches table to a 60 or 90 inches long workbench for more space to cut. When not in use, the saw table area flips away allowing this stand to become a full level table for other use. With the saw down, this workbench has a maximum height of 24 inches. Since it easily folds down and set-up and features 10 inches wheels, transporting it is effortless.


Things to consider before buying a miter saw stand


1.     Construction material

The nature of the material used in constructing the miter saw stand is an important factor to consider before buying one. Most miter saws are constructed with tubular material as that hollow tube gives it that lightweight nature. Steel and aluminum are good materials for a miter saw stand. Don’t also forget to check the type of finishing. Good finishing is resistant to corrosion, giving you a miter saw stand that can stand the test of time.

2.    Maximum weight capacity

Another important factor to consider when searching for the best miter saw stands is the maximum weight the miter saw stand can bear.

Factors like the sturdiness of the legs and type of material used affect how much weight the miter saw stand can carry. The higher the weight your stand can carry, the better. But be careful when making this decision, because miter saw stands that can bear so much load are often heavy because of the type of durable material used. Also, the maximum weight capacity of your miter saw stand determines the nature of the job you can do with it.

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3.    Portability

Many professionals and DIY enthusiasts aim for a portable miter saw stand because they are very easy to transport to job sites.

The overall weight of the miter saw stand excluding the miter saw affects the portability of the stand. Also, aim for a miter saw stands with an integrated carrying handle, they are more portable and easier to carry. Most importantly, a miter saw stand with wheels gives you maximum mobility.

4.    Height

Different manufacturers design their miter saw stands with different dimensions. As such the height of different brands of stand can’t all be the same. In order words, go for a miter saw stand with a height that feels natural for you to cut on.

5.    Maximum length

Miter saw stands are compact and collapsible. This feature is what makes them portable. When set-up, a miter saw stand features an extensible support arm that allows you to use more material on the stand. The longer the support arm, the more versatile you find the stand as you would be able to use it with more material.

6.    Ease of use

Lastly, check how easy you’d find using the miter saw stand. In this aspect, the first thing you should check is how easy you’d find setting up the stand as a whole. Some stands take only a few seconds to set up because of the built-in spring on the legs. Also, check for the ease to mount the miter saw. Some manufacturers designed their stand such that it allows you to mount several brands of miter saws on it.


How we wrote this review

In this review are best miter saw stands carefully handpicked after a series of research. We’re recommending these products to you after considering one major factor – value for money. Many times we buy certain products for a price and we hardly get the value for that price.

So, with these products in this review, you wouldn’t experience such an anomaly. Also, each of these products has either been tested by us, or a trusted family or friend, which is why we trust these products. In terms of durability and sturdiness, you’d get that from all the products. We also considered portability and mobility. Ease of use was also one of the major factors that influence our decisions. Because we all want a tool we can buy at an affordable price that can serve multiple purposes.

Final verdict

In summary, having the best miter saw stands is a handy tool that goes along with a miter saw. Not to mention, it’s quite important to have a sturdy and stable platform when cutting materials at job sites. With the knowledge you’ve gotten from this review and the buying guide, you’re all set to getting the best.

Remember, no matter what type of miter saw you’re looking for, make sure it is easy to use, durable, and stable.

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