Pros and Cons of An Edger vs Trimmer for Your Lawn

When it comes to maintaining your lawn and retaining the ravishing look, there is no question about using the right tools as they reduce the time and effort required. Using an edger and a weed wacker can help you turn your lawn into a heavenly space!

Understanding the difference between an edger and a string trimmer, also known as a weed wacker, will take your lawn maintenance to the next level!

We will clear out all the confusion and assist you in reaching into a conclusion regarding the age-old edger vs. trimmer debate. Give this a read, and you’ll leave with the adequate knowledge that will allow you to make the best use of these tools!





  • Features of an edger and a string trimmer, packed into one
  • Precision in trimming and edging
  • Runs on battery power so enjoy the cordless operation
  • Allows continuous trimming through Automatic Feed Spool feature
  • The battery life is a bit less than desired


  • Converts from edger to string trimmer within seconds
  • Dual battery for more battery life
  • 90-degree tilting head for added convenience
  • Effective line feeding for uninterrupted operation
  • The instructional manual isn’t very helpful

Edger vs Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Edger/String Trimmer vs. WORX WG163 Edger/String Trimmer

Check out our detailed edger vs. weed wacker comparison that will help you decide easily between them.

  • Defining Lawn Edges

Let’s start with the first product. It’s actually an edger and a string trimmer at the same time. You can easily switch between the two.

The edger part is designed to cleanly cut lawn edges. It will cut through both grass and the turf to produce remarkably clear lines. The cutting strings, backed by a powerful motor, will easily take on overgrown and tougher weeds. It also allows you to be very precise!

WORX WG163 also offers edger and string trimmer, and switching between the two only takes seconds.

You will find it super effective in cutting edges of your lawn. The rubberized wheels will assist in making straighter and cleaner cuts. It has a 90-degree tilting head, which provides more convenience in trimming sloped terrains and hard-to-reach places.


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  • Weed Trimming

When mowing lawns, you must have come across places your lawnmower just can’t reach. Pesky weeds freely grow up on those places, disrupting the beauty altogether. That’s where both the BLACK+DECKER and WORX WG163 come in handy.

B&D allows you to trim the grasses and weeds in places that your lawnmower finds super hard to reach. As it’s well equipped with powerful mechanism, it’ll trim even the strongest of grasses and weeds. It’s pretty lightweight, so you would have no trouble moving it around. Transportation is made even easier because of its wheels.

The second product is just as effective in tidying up the overgrown weeds. Thanks to the tilting head, you would have it pretty easy to trim grasses on uneven terrains and reach places that are almost impossible to reach. It boasts a spacer guard, which will ensure the trimming does not damage anything else.

  • Battery Powered

The B&D is powered by a 40V max battery, which offers a decent runtime so you can take on your trimming projects without having to recharge too soon. As it’s cordless, you can take it anywhere you want.

WORX WG163 comes with two powerful 20V batteries, allowing you to trim for a rather long time on a single charge. If one runs out, you can instantly load up the second battery and continue working. It’s cordless as well, so the limitation caused by having to use cords is completely eliminated.

  • Line Feeding

You can easily feed the lines thanks to the special Automatic Feed Spool feature of the BLACK+DECKER. It ensures continuous trimming without any interruption.

The WORX WG163 has a decent Command Feed spool feature that offers instant line feeding! Trim as long as you want without hitting any bumps! Now, let us talk about their pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding edger vs. trimmer:

How does a string trimmer work?

It uses the rapidly spinning microfilament string, which gains enough stiffness to cut down grass and weeds. As the older string wears out, newer ones are automatically fed into the machine in order to prevent interruptions during operation.

How often should you edge your lawn?

If the grasses are growing out of your edge lines, that’s when you know you’ve got to edge them out again. It’s usually okay to do it once in a year if you can do your edging right after the peak growing season, which is usually sometime in late June.

Can you mow a lawn with a string trimmer?

String trimmers aren’t designed to mow down your lawn. They are only good for a few yards. After that, they’ll lose their effectiveness. Unless you want to spend hours after hours trimming your lawn only to end up with a messy one, stick with your lawnmowers!

Can a trimmer be used as an edger?

It is possible to do some edging works using a trimmer, but it’s very limited. You won’t be able to achieve nearly as good a result as an edger. Many tools nowadays offer both trimming and edging features, though.

How deep should I edge my lawn?

Cutting about 2-inches deep should be quite adequate. It offers the most control over the root spread.

Final Words – Which One to Go for?

As you can see, string trimmer and edger have different uses. They are meant for serving specific purposes. Both of these tools are equally important for your lawn. Naturally, you can’t use an edger to trim the grasses or a string trimmer to edge the lawn as effectively.

Fortunately, lots of modern tools offer features from both of the tools like the ones we’ve discussed above.

The BLACK+DECKER is a more renowned product in the world of gardening. It’s slightly more powerful with longer battery life. You’d find it super easy to both edge and trim your lawn. But it leans more on the pricier side. Go with this one if you have the budget.

If you have a tighter budget, you can get the WORX WG163, which is far cheaper but can provide satisfactory performance. Nevertheless, let me know in the comments if you liked our edger vs. trimmer comparison.


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