Spreaders are tools intended to be used in gardens and lawns, enabling people to distribute fertilizers and seeds equally. Spreaders are handy because they allow you to apply seeds and fertilizer evenly to your lawn or farmland. Whether you are seeding new areas or improving existing lawns, the appropriate spreader helps to make the most of your efforts and investment.

The impact of using the right spreader is just so notable. There are two kinds of spreaders; drop spreader and broadcast spreader.


A typical drop spreader will like:-


Scotts 76565 Turf Builder

Classic Drop Spreader,

A typical broadcast spreader looks like


Agri Fab-45-0462

Push Broadcast Spreader

What is Drop Spreader?

On a general note, a typical drop spreader is a low cost, durable and drops the materials in just about the right proportions in exactly the right place. A hand-grip switch will allow the operator to select the dimensions of the holes, which will control the amount of matter dropped out.


What is Broadcast Spreader ?

On the other hand, Broadcast spreaders disperse or “broadcast” seed in a fan-like way over a wide area, with the aid of a rotating piece under the hopper holes. The size of the fan depends on the size of the hole and your speed. They’re suited for wide areas and big lawns.

What’s the difference between a Drop Spreader and a Broadcast Spreader?

The difference between the drop spreader and the broadcast spreader lies in the area or scope of coverage, the time it will take, the wind condition, and the shape of lawn amongst others. The drop spreader is more meticulous as such it covers less area less than 5000sqft, would not mind the wind condition as it will drop where it is set to drop, will require more time to handle a large span of the lawn. Contrary the broadcast spreader can well cover a large span of space but will have an issue with a windy location as it will scatter to areas where it is not intended will take quite lesser time to do your spreading. Again, the drop spreader works well on a regular polygon-shaped lawn, but no, the broadcast spreader can work on just any shape and even hard areas.


1. What settings do I put my spreader on for grass seed?

How do you use Scotts Turf Builder classic drop spreader? The spreader is simply for lawn space less than 5000sqft.

2. How do you use Scotts Turf Builder classic drop spreader?

To obtain the best results, the hole size of your spreader has to be adjusted so that seed is passed at the correct rate.

3. Can I use a broadcast spreader for compost?

Yes, but it is best with a drop spreader

4. What is a broadcast spreader used for?

The broadcast spreader is used for spreading seeds or fertilizers across wide areas, for jobs that don’t much require precision. You can spread over a larger area in limited time with the broadcast spreader.

Conclusion :-

If you’re considering getting a spreader for commercial purpose, then the broadcast spreader is your thing. And if it’s just for your immediate small lawn at your backyard, please get for yourself a drop spreader as it will help you in more ways than one.

You’ll have peace of mind s you’ll not have to clean areas that you never planned to spread to. Understanding your purpose for the spreader is key in making your chic of a spreader, whether for spreading seed, or compost, or anything similar.

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